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Artistic Project

The million dollar painting

The Project

We are Making a long-term performance (9 months / 1 year) during which all the people can see the artistic process for the realization of a large figurative painting in the gallery and online. The work itself includes the following screens, all of which are fundamental in the artwork:.

u1fu - the million dollar painting artist

SCREEN 1 Creation of the painting:


SCREEN 2 Online participation

Public participation through the Internet and social networks.

The public has not to be a impasible entity in this work. People should be an implicit part of artwork and people participation has to be at all possible levels of interaction with the artist: social participation, criticism, collaboration … All this will be visible through one large monitor in the room.

SCREEN 3 Physical participation

People who wish to come to the gallery and see the work, may also participate. They can be models and lending itself to being photographed, according to requirements of the artist posing to be part of the painting. These pictures will be part of the screen of pictures of the room too.

The Painting

Million dollar painting will be a mural-sized oil painting on canvas by artist u1fu. The presentation sketch, which will uses a palette of gray, black, and white want to show an approach to our world.The final painting will be realized with a wide palette of colors.


The final artwork will be made from the pictures submitted by anonymous friends through the web and social networks.

The painting represent people mixed with each other in common, violent, friendly and sexual attitudes to show the struggle for life in a chaotic world.

u1fu - the million dollar painting detail


The million dollar painting

If you want to be part of the artwork, upload your photograph.


The artist

The million dollar painting u1fu


CEO & Founder

U1FU Founder / Forefront artist

We want to change
peoples lives

U1FU is an artistic movement created by 1 person that nulled his previous life to become a brand. He abandoned his personal data to become a unique and exclusive brand: u1fu

He destroyed too all his previous works. Those works were part of learning path; the necessary steps to achieve sufficient technical and artistic mastery. Anyway, u1fu is the sole brand with feelings, doubts and sensitivity because he is much more than a logotype.

Now, under that trademark name, “u1fu”, he is the leader of a unique creative project for the XXI Century.

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